Why Flycanadian?

We are dedicated pilots from the aviation industry who have worked in training for decades.
We focus on all the modern aspects of flight training, including technical and non- technical markers to enhance training. This allows the student to benefit from self-critique and learn all about the skills required to conduct safe efficient flight operations.

While teaching our students the core flying skills, we also teach crew resource management. Students learn what situational awareness really is and how to enhance it. We delve into leadership, decision making, flight, threat and error management.

We use and teach non-technical markers to spot problem areas in flight performance.

Flycanadian Inc. is Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
Flycanadian is also a Designated learning Institute by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Commonly referred to as DLI .

(Designated Learning Institute - #0111993251097) We are proud to be a strong provider of aviation training and other related services.

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