Instructor Rating

You have done the requisite training to the “Commercial Pilot Level” and now want to spread the joy of flying to others by the addition of a Flight Instructor Rating to your license. Effective November 5th, 2018, this course in no longer offered in Ontario.

Becoming a ‘Professional Flight Instructor’ will provide an opportunity for rewards beyond just employment. Many pilots will attest that the wealth of knowledge and skills acquired as a Flight Instructor will be a great asset to any aviation career. Airlines often hire pilots with flight instructor experience with the aim of advancing them into company training positions.

Any way you look at it, getting an instructor rating will increase your level of knowledge and allow you to introduce qualified, safe, and competent pilots to the ranks.

Flight Instructor All Ratings
Instructor Ratings   Amount
Ground School & Briefings 25 Hours  
Flight Dual Hours  30 Hours  
Total   $8,610
Private Career College Admin Fees $500  
International Student Fees $500  
Books $200  
Grand Total   $9,810

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