Letter from the Chief Flight Instructor


It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the Chief Pilot and Senior Flight Instructor at Fly Canadian Inc.

Becoming a professional pilot is perhaps the most rewarding and exhilarating occupation on the planet. I have traveled around the world and have landed in the most exotic places where I have met friends for life. It is my hope that the students of today will explore the wonders of the world through a career in aviation.

First, a few sentences about my background. Early in my flying career, I spent a number of years in the Canadian Air Force having taught at the Canadian Forces Aerospace and Ordinance Engineering School and also at 426 Squadron in Trenton, teaching both Boeing 707 and C130 Hercules systems.

From a civil aviation perspective, I have taught flight training at a number of successful flight training schools in Canada such as Algonquin College, Ottawa Flying Club, and now with Fly Canadian. I chose FlyCanadian due to its reputation as a pilots' hub, it's well equipped aircraft, and its training facilities. Within our group of aviators, we have both current and retired professional pilots from Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, and Korean Air. They are at hanger 4 frequently sharing stories of their airborne adventures with other pilots. Most importantly, they always take the time to sit with young and aspiring pilots and chat about the world of aviation including the " ins and outs" of working for the big airlines.

Today, I maintain my airline transport license (ATPL) while teaching people of all ages to fly airplanes. I have attained every possible certification, rating and endorsement, including an aerobatic instructors rating. I love to fly and it shows!

Students gain hands-on training with our impressive fleet of aircraft, including our 152's, 172's, Cessna XP, 172C seaplane, Piper Seneca 2 high performance twin, complemented by new a state-of-the-art flight simulator that will provides a realistic experience that closely replicates flying in one of our airplanes. Each aircraft includes advanced radio navigation systems, global positioning avionics and communication redundancy. We commence flight training on Day 1 of your arrival to the College.

The employment picture for pilots, as with any other occupation, can and does change from time to time depending on the supply and demand. Graduates may look ahead to careers as flight instructors, charter pilots, corporate pilots, and have the ultimate goal of flying for a major airline.


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