Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Licence Training ( 35 dual, 30 solo) Not offered in Ontario as of November 5th, 2018

After completion of the Commercial Pilot Licence Training Program, the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane has the privilege of working in the Aviation Industry.

Dual Flight Instruction on The Piper Seneca PA34 200T - $375.00 per hour
Also includes all of the above as for single engine
Additional Costs:

The approximate costs for the CPL course at the time of enrolment are as follows:

CPL Course Total CAN $
Tuition Fees $12,090.00
Private Career College Admin Fee 500
International Student Fee 500
All inclusive CAN $13,090.00


Books $ 300.00
Remedial Training/per hour $ 200.00
No Show Fee $ 100.00